Neoflam is lighting a new flame in the cookware industry — a new light for people to follow into a world filled with beautiful color, wondrous design, and innovative solutions. We want to inspire people to fall in love with cooking by injecting vibrant hues into a mostly monochromatic environment. Cooking shouldn’t be viewed as a means to an end. It should be revelled in as an artistic and creative process — an expression of your very being.

Strike a balance between imagination and technique, originality and fundamentals, spontaneity and execution, form and function.

Neoflam New Flame

Fire is a primal symbol for energy, nature, and man’s quest to conquer nature. From Promethean legends to modern times, our connection to the flame is unequivocal. It calls to us, keeps us warm, and protects us from the dark of the night. In many cultures, fire represents the genesis of civilization because it marks the beginning of the transition from an animalistic existence to mastering the elements. Once people began to gather around campfires, stories were shared, lessons were learned, and the ascent of mankind became destiny.

The impact of cooking over a flame cannot be understated. Adding heat to food breaks down proteins, burns off bacteria and toxins, and improves digestibility. It was around paleolithic campfires that our brains began to develop thanks to the additional nutrition. Finally, energy could be shifted towards higher pursuits — all because we added fire to our food.

Today, cooking has transcended its humble beginnings into an artform that can be appreciated by everyone. Eating is a ubiquitous form of social interaction. It strengthens our bonds as it fills our stomachs. The
enjoyment of a meal is an experience everyone can share in. Not just the enjoyment of food, but enjoying the people you share the food with.

Conversations manifest themselves naturally, like flowers coming into full bloom. Cooking is more than fire and food, it is something precious, gratifying, and communal.

Moving forward, the science behind cooking, cookware, and food is evolving as quickly as the rest of technology. From induction stove tops to liquid nitrogen ice cream, chefs of the amateur and professional variety are more and more willing to break convention. As a cookware manufacturer, our goal is to design tools that enable these revolutionaries to turn their culinary dreams into a reality.

Neoflam New Flame

What Is A New Flame?

Design. Health. Color. These are the present and future qualities of desirable cookware. A pan should reach out and grab you before you grab it.

DESIGN — Good design exists at the intersection of familiarity and ingenuity. In cookware terms, a pan will always be a pan. It cannot exist as anything else if it is to be useful. But, there is room to explore within the framework of a pan. Can a pan be lighter? Can the handle fit better in my palm? Can it transfer heat evenly, cook food without a mess, and look good? These are the questions a good design should answer from the first glance.

HEALTH — The advent of health-conscious products will likely be the hallmark of 21st century consumerism. After decades of industrial development, people now have the resources and willpower to demand a higher quality product — one that not only enhances their lives, but also their well being. Cookware is not exempt from this movement. We accept the challenge and strive to make cooking a toxin-free experience. After all, cookware is the medium by which food passes from its raw state to inside our bellies.

COLOR — Color is not something people often think of when describing “modern”. However, living in grayscale is not all that great. A mixture of black, white, and metallic may work for high-tech devices, but not for cooking. Food is colorful. Cookware should be colorful to. It is an opportunity to create a persona, deliver stunning dishes, and elevate the visual palette — in addition to the tasty one. Neoflam Eela with Vegetables

[P.S.] Don’t forget. A new flame also references a new love interest -- a crush. We design to inspire, to innovate, and to make you fall in love. The more you love your cookware, the more you will love to show it off to your friends and family. Let us know if this picture makes you fall in love!? And Share Some Pictures Of Your Own!!!