How do you flip an egg, pancake, omelette, steak, or anything that finds itself cooking over your stovetop?

This question has baffled amateur cooks and culinary geniuses alike for centuries. For many, the perfect flip is a pipe dream never to be achieved. Few have witnessed this feat of dexterity in their lifetimes. Finally, we at Neoflam decided to put our foot down and say, “Enough is enough!”

The following is a list of instructions explaining the best way to flip an anything. Read it as you would a sacred text.

Step One: Find a suitable pan! Not all pans are created equal. We suggest the Neoflam PerfecToss (for obvious reasons). However, you are free to choose. Remember, a good flip pan is well balanced, lightweight, and has a large enough rim to provide leverage.

Step Two: Find the right material. Pick a food that really speaks to you. Look past the superficial qualities to the gold that lies within. It is what’s inside that really matters.

Step Three: Preheat the pan. This is a crucial step many overlook. You must get your pan to medium temperatures in order to prevent stickage. With the Neoflam PerfecToss, very little preheating is required thanks to the energy efficient cast aluminum body.

Step Four: Add fat. While nonstick coatings require less oil or butter, it is still recommended that you lube up the launch pad before lift off. (Do this during the preheating process)

Step Five: Add the specimen. If using an egg, make sure to handle it properly in order to maintain its circular shape. We do not want any unbalanced, Picasso-esque eggs flying about.

Step Six: Cook for desired finish.

Step Seven: Launch! Remember, the combination of nonstick coating and fatty lubricant should mean the soon-to-be projectile is ready for flight. A gentle flick of the wrist should do just fine. The Neoflam Perfectoss is ergonomically designed for this motion. Grab the handle, move the object towards the opposite side of the pan, breathe, and let the pan do the work.

Ta da! The perfect flip has been achieved. You are welcome! Give it a try with all of your favorite flip-tastic meals.

Note: Spatulas may be used for the faint of heart. Also, it is possible to pan-flip an egg without breaking the yolk, but it’s probably a technique best used for omelettes.