“Mmmmm butter. Mmmmm oil. Mmmmm fried foods… nom nom nom.”

– Everyone

Healthy foodsCook with Less Oil!

Cooking and oil are life long friends, but recently the two compadres are seeing less and less of each other. Let’s face it. Healthy eating is more than a trend. It’s here to stay. If you haven’t hopped on board yet, you are missing out on an incredible feeling. A healthy diet means: your energy levels won’t hit peaks and valleys, you’ll maintain a healthy weight, and your mood will improve dramatically. Modern foodie trends are setting the bar for progressive lifestyles that will determine the course of food, dieting, and cooking for years to come — hint, it’s in a healthy direction.

Perhaps the simplest step a person can take towards eating better is cooking at home. But, not all home cooking is created equal. The reason to invest in more meal preparation is to avoid unhealthy restaurant dishes that may be cooked with a large amount of oil. Bottomline, if you are serious about changing your habits, do not throw a stick of butter into your frying pan every time you want to fry an egg — and definitely don’t just fry a stick of butter and eat it.

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Looking at you County Fair!

Here are a few simple recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Less Is More: If a recipe calls for a tablespoon of oil, do not try and eyeball the amount while pouring it out of your oil dispenser. Measure the appropriate amount, and do not be afraid to err on the conservative side. You will likely get similar results. 
  • Nonstick That Won’t Quit: Find a good nonstick pan. Name it “Garfunkel”. Become best friends. Create lasting memories together.
  • Oil Does Not Equal Flavor: Many people associate oil and butter with more flavor. However, you can create delicious dishes by adding more spices instead of more fat. Your palate will thank you.
  • Experiment: Try experimenting with lower calorie alternatives like coconut oil or oil-based margarine.
  • Steam Power: It can be easy to forget that there is more than one way to cook things. Sauteeing is often the go to approach, but steaming works just as well for all types of produce. The best part is you not only use less oil… you use no oil at all!

If you can incorporate a few of these simple tips into your routine, you will be using less oil and dramatically cutting down on your calorie intake.

[P.S.] Let us know how you make cooking healthier for you and your loved ones!
[P.S.S.] Do you have a name for your favorite nonstick pan?