Grill Indoors with the Neoflam Grill Pan

The BBQ is sacred ground where meat and merriment coalesce into a fiery totem of American culture.  To many of us, the combination inspires fond memories of summertime cookouts. Meat charring over an open flame, ice cold beverages, and a gathering of friends and family are all trademarks of the occasion. Perhaps your BBQ took place in a park, at a community pool, or simply in your backyard. No matter where or when it happened, every time you fire up a grill it all comes rushing back to you.

But what if you don’t have a grill? What if you can’t always make it to a public one? Don’t worry. That warm, nostalgic, blue-blooded American feeling can still be yours!

Just grill indoors.

Neoflam Grill Pan

While it may lack the aroma of charcoal and the power of a gas grill, indoor grilling can still produce great results. All you need is the right pan. Simply set a grill pan on your stove and you too can achieve the same searing grill marks without all the hassle of a grill. Today, we decided to grill hot dogs and hamburgers in true American style.

We know some of you are not familiar with a grill pan, so here are some easy instructions to help you through the process.

Step One: Bring the heat. Turn on your stove and place the grill pan on top. You want the pan to get to medium-high temperatures before applying meat. This allows you to sear properly and keep your meats juicy. Also, the nonstick properties of the pan perform better at the right temperatures.

Step Two: Bring the meat. No matter what you are grilling up, you always want to season or marinade it before hand. You may opt for a little garlic, pepper, and salt combo, or you can really get all culinary school and whip up a miso ginger marinade – totally your call. Ensure the meat settles to nearly room temperature to promote even cooking, then simply cook to desired doneness.

Neoflam Grill Pan

Step Three: Bring the eat. Now it’s your appetite’s turn as you eat the meats. The meat should come right off the pan without hassle or fuss (unlike a regular grill).

Grilling indoors is simple, fun, and can be enjoyed any time of year. We can’t all live in glorious sunshine year round. Sometimes you just have to make a burger – even when it’s snowing outside. In those situations, you will be thankful you have a grill pan by your side in your kitchen.

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