Microwave Dessert with Neoflam NatureCook

neoflam dessert microwave naturecook

You may know them as “1-minute” desserts, coffee mug desserts, or microwave desserts, but no matter what name they go by one thing is for certain – they are delicious! But do they have to be so tiny?! We think we have found the perfect combination that preserves the ease of baking a dessert in the microwave, while also having enough to feed the whole family (or one really big sweet tooth).

neoflam microwave brownie naturecook

Using our NatureCook casserole dishes, we prepared, cooked, and consumed a delicious chocolate brownie in under 10 minutes. They are truly the ultimate vessels for creating good food when you’re short on time. If you have never tried this at home, then you are in for a treat. Simply follow these easy steps for making dessert in the microwave.

Step One: Follow your sweet tooth. First, you want to find a good recipe for microwavable desserts. Most of them can be found by searching for “coffee mug cookie” or “microwave brownie”, but there is definitely no shortage of options. The good news is you can make almost anything you desire in our beautiful stoneware. We found a simple brownie recipe made from equal parts all-purpose flour, brown sugar, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and water — with vanilla, salt, and chocolate chips to round out the flavor. Since you don’t have to wait 45-minutes for your goodies to bake, why not try out multiple recipes and experiment to your heart’s (dessert stomach’s) content.

neoflam naturecook microwave brownie

Step Two: Prep. Mix. Stir. Cook. Relax. Yawn. Stretch. Google something. You only have to wait approximately one minute before your dessert is ready.

neoflam microwave naturecook dessert

Step Three: ENJOY!!!

neoflam naturecook dessert microwave

Step Four: Sugar-coma (optional)

microwave dessert neoflam naturecook

We love trying out easy recipes in our NatureCook pots. Cooking with ceramic is healthy, convenient, and fun. Next time you get that sugar craving late at night, just raid your pantry, stir up some ingredients, and enjoy a hot, delicious, gooey, chocolatey, fudgy, scrumptious dessert without ever leaving your house.

[P.S. Share your pictures and variations!]