Motus Is “The Best of the Best”

Don’t take our word for it. Red Dot awarded Motus the “Best of the Best” award in 2016. The award is given to products that exhibit groundbreaking design and truly stand apart from comparable products in their category. Neoflam has won numerous awards in the past, including a Red Dot Design award for both Dandy and Mystic Valley stovetop ceramic cookware in 2012 and 2014 respectively, but this is their first time winning the “Best of the Best” prize.

Motus is a chameleon of sorts. It carefully blends multiple functions into a singular cooking vessel. Aside from its steamer inserts and optional Bakelite handles, the most exciting feature has to be the low-pressure cooking lid. When attached, the lid traps in steam and moisture to speed-up cooking time and use energy efficiently. This allows you to create mouth watering meals in a fraction of the time.

About Stovetop Ceramic Cookware: Stovetop ceramic cookware is made from all-natural materials and covered with a zero-crack glaze. It’s unique thermal-shock resistance allows it to be placed both in the freezer and directly on top of the stove. While you might have to worry about other ceramic pots breaking under the heat, Neoflam’s NatureCook collections can withstand extreme temperature changes. Also, the glaze is scratch resistant and optional nonstick coating is available.

Motus Features:

  • Healthy ceramic made of natural soil and petalite
  • The beautiful colors are made of 100% natural pigment for safe and healthy cooking
  • Thick walls retains heat well and keeps food warm while serving
  • Braising, steaming, baking, serving, and low-pressure cooking can be accomplished in a single vessel
  • Saves time and reduces energy-waste
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Motus is not currently sold in the U.S. Please visit our “How To Buy” page to contact your local supplier, or visit the “Become a Reseller” page if you are interested in working with Neoflam.


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