Neoflam is remaking the modern kitchen by invoking a timeless aesthetic. The Carat Collection, with its elegant design, embodies the everlasting beauty of a diamond. Keeping in step with our commitment to create colorful, high-performance products, we have set a new standard for visually stunning cookware by creating an inspired, angular finish typically reserved for the ring finger of A-list celebrities.

Of course, fashion follows function. The cast aluminum construction is lightweight, durable, and heats more efficiently than other materials. All of Neoflam’s cookware is produced with Ecolon, an environmentally-friendly ceramic coating, which provides superior nonstick performance without PTFE/PFOA. This improves the lifespan of the cookware, and ensures the Carat Collection is something you can treasure forever.

carat neoflam

Carat: Everlasting Beauty