Imagine walking down the kitchen aisle of your favorite home goods store (or browsing through the kitchen section of your favorite online store). The pots and pans are to your left, the cutlery and cutting boards are to your right, and you begin to think about which products are the best. You judge them first on appearance. We all do. You do not want a pan that looks too heavy, a pot that has weirdly shaped handles, or cookware with some gimmick you’ll probably never use.

There are three important questions you ask yourself. Is this saucepan durable? I do not want to have to buy a new one in a few months. Is this stockpot safe for my family? I do not want to risk any harmful substances getting into my food. Is this skillet presentable? The better looking and easier to use my cookware is, the more fun it is to cook!

Now it’s time to make your choice. You’re a professional shopper. You don’t make rash decisions. With fingers pressed to chin you carefully weigh your options. Nevertheless, nothing is standing out. All you see in this lonely aisle is an assembly of drab pots and pans, each less remarkable than the next. Most are black and metal. Some are coated with substances that may not be the best for your health. Others are far too heavy and burdensome for everyday use. Unfortunately this is more than just your imagination, this is reality.

We at Neoflam saw the shortcomings of the kitchenware industry and decided to take innovation into our own hands. What started out as a company that imported foreign goods into the South Korean market quickly blossomed into one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of cookware, food storage, cutting boards, cutlery, and hydration products. Neoflam’s mission is to address the concerns of people like you — consumers that want more than what the standard kitchen aisle has to offer.

Today, Neoflam has expanded into the global markets after a decade of success in South Korea. You can find our products in over 70 countries worldwide as our loyal fan base continues to grow. We humbly accept the recognition and use it as motivation to push the boundaries of the kitchenware industry by offering innovative, healthy, and colorful products.