Vacuum Seal Food Storage

Neoflam vacuum technology combined with the ultimate seal for maximum freshness.

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Standard Food Storage

Ideal materials & an airtight, watertight seal.

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Food Storage


Food Storage Containers with The Ultimate Seal for Freshness and Convenience.

CLOC Poly Vacuum Seal

This is the Perfect Marriage of Technology & Usability

CLOC Tritan

Innovation & Virtue For a Long-Lasting Impression with Glass Like Clarity

CLOC Tritan Vacuum Seal

Far Beyond Traditional Food Storage, with Unparalleled Durability;.

CLOC Porcelain

Stunningly Beautiful Cooking, Storage & Service Versatility.

Perfect Seal

Stackable, modular & transparent, these look great on the countertop or store...


Colorful Durable Baskets, Freezer, Dishwasher, & Microwave Safe